Dr. Scott's Background & Philosophy

Dr. Scott Conkright is a licensed psychologist practicing in Atlanta, GA, and Washington DC. His work with patients is highly collaborative, insight-oriented, and practical. He is committed to helping you find a way to make sense of your life and to solve immediate problems. Whether this work is short-term or long-term, the overarching purpose is to ensure that your relationship with yourself, and with others, is as healthy and meaningful as possible. Scott is also the founder of Meaningful Happiness, a structured and guided set of exercises designed to help you make better sense of your life, and The Relationship Workshops, which are a series of training and experiential modules where you learn how healthy relationships are developed and maintained, discover how shame toxifies and distorts relationships, and where you develop the skills that allow you get what you really want from them. Scott has been practicing for over 25 years. 

He is a committed to diversity and inclusion, supports the LGBTQ+, kink, and poly communities, and to helping people of all walks of life find a way to be proud and confident in who they are. Scott is a certified group psychotherapist and is an active member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, for which he has served as Open Sessions Committee co-chair for nearly years. He is also active in the Atlanta Group Psychotherapy Society, currently acting as Marketing Chair. Scott is currently working toward finding, expanding, and improving clinical theory and interventions using Silvan Tompkins’ Affect Theory, which has led to his creation of Relational Affect Theory, which uses polyvagal theory, psychoanalytic and affect theory to help patients deal with such difficult long-term issues such as chronic shame, childhood trauma and relationship issues, as well as many other affect related problems.

Individual & Group Psychotherapy

The Relationship Workshops

Meaningful Happiness