Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Group for Gay and Bisexual Men

Who Is This Group For?

This group is for gay and bisexual men ages 21 and up who want to increase self-awareness, want more connection in their interpersonal relationships, improve feelings of belongingness and relatedness to other gay and bisexual men and explore issues related to coming out, discrimination, and aging. Some of the issues regularly addressed in the group include: fears of conflict, relationship and communication skills, dating issues, sexual fears/dysfunctions/ compulsivities, intimacy issues, depression and anxiety, body image and self-esteem, family of origin issues, and interpersonal skills. It’s okay to talk about anything, if it’s a concern to you!

When Does This Group Meet?

This group meets from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm on Thursdays.

How Much Does the Group Cost?
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What is required to start the group?
A consultation with Scott is required prior to starting the group. All new group members are required to attend all six sessions of The Relationship Workshop – The Essentials in order to be eligible for group. Why The Relationship Workshop – The Essentials before joining group? Click Here to learn more about The Relationship Workshops.