Group Therapy: The Gold Standard of Psychotherapy

I have been conducting, teaching and writing about group therapy for over 25 years. I have seen people’s lives transformed by the incredible power it has to provide communality of experience, support for examining oneself and subsequently making hard decisions from these insights, and getting feedback about who one is. Group provides as many mirrors to group members as there are members in the group. It is for all these reasons that I consider group therapy to be the gold standard of psychotherapy. Group therapy can be particularly effective when individuals are struggling with issues that are shared by others in their group such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. My task as a group leader is to provide, above all else, a safe and nurturing environment for risk and growth to take place. 

Group Therapy

In group therapy, individuals can explore relationship dynamics with other group members, gain important self-knowledge, and learn to express themselves in ways that are meaningful to both themselves and the people around them. The supportive atmosphere of a group allows individuals to practice new behaviors, increase self-awareness, and find comfort in knowing that others are facing similar struggles. People can also gain insight into their own life by listening to the experiences of other group members and understanding how different people approach problems that they all face in a shared environment.

Overall, group therapy is an effective way for individuals to learn about themselves and create meaningful relationships with other people who are going through similar struggles. It provides an opportunity to work through difficult issues in a safe and supportive setting, while growing as individuals and learning more about themselves. Group therapy is truly the gold standard of psychotherapy that can enable individuals to make meaningful progress in their lives.